Opening Times & Fees

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.15am – 3pm.

We open for 38 weeks per year and close during school holidays.

Our fees are £5/hour

We offer several different options for sessions within that time:

9am – 12.15pm     

9am – 1pm       (includes lunch club)     

9am – 3pm       (includes lunch club)  

12.15pm – 3pm     (includes lunch club)      

1 – 3pm                   

For children aged 3 and above:

There is an option for a hot lunch provided by the cook at Kirk Hammerton School at £2.50 per child.

Longer hours

For children over 3 years we can offer a longer day using Kirk Hammerton School’s breakfast and after school club, available every day. Children escorted to and from school by Nursery School staff.

8am – 9am               £4 includes breakfast     £3 no breakfast

8.30am – 9am          £2

3 – 5pm                    £5 includes a teatime snack

3 – 6pm                    £10 includes a teatime snack

Wednesday – 9.45 – 11.15 a.m. Baby/toddler drop-in session (0-3 years) including snack and singing session  held at Kirk Hammerton Village Hall every week in term time.

Parents can claim up to 15 hours universal funding and an additional 15 hours extended funding in the term following their child’s 3rd birthday and we accept all of the main childcare vouchers.

We can accommodate ad hoc sessions/lunch clubs which are subject to availability.