Our Vision

Our Vision – our promise to our families.

Kirk Hammerton Playgroup

  • provides a welcoming, supportive and friendly environment for ALL families.

We cater for all children age 2 to 4 years whatever their ability and stage of development. They do not need to be potty trained or know how to share! It is our role to help them – and you – through all their stages of development.

  • To value each child as an individual and plan a relaxed, happy and safe development through the early years.

Every child is unique. We plan for each child individually and make sure that we provide stimulating, fun and challenging resources and activities every day. 

Read our Outstanding Ofsted Report – click here.

  • To work in partnership with parents and carers to accommodate every family’s different needs, and cherish the support our families give back to us.

We aim to make playgroup an extension of your family life and we know that our families really appreciate this welcoming and open approach. We work with you, as a team around your child, and this helps your child make rapid and lasting progress. We also work with other health professionals, such as speech therapists, where needed – and guide our families through this process if extra help is required.

We maintain a very flexible approach so we can meet individual families needs as much as possible. We share lots of information about how children learn to help families at home as well as at playgroup.

  • To entrust, that both outside and inside, our play areas recognise the importance of healthy, natural play, growing children’s independence and imagination.

We encourage our children to be active independent learners – eager to try new experiences, explore and to ask questions. We do not spoon feed information to our children – we learn together in the most natural and enjoyable way – through play!

We offer a rich learning environment and play outside as much as possible – making good use of our extensive grounds.

  • To ensure a fun and smooth transition for every child from home to playgroup and through to school.

Starting playgroup and school are big steps for our children and we work hard to make sure that they – and you – are well prepared for each stage. Our settling in procedures are different for every child as no one child has exactly the same needs – so we work out a plan with you to make that first step as easy as possible.

When the time comes for your child to leave we make sure they are ready for school with our special ‘starting school club’. We have strong and active links with all local schools and will guide you through the school application procedure.

  • To encourage active learning through play and to value and celebrate all our children’s achievements in their shared Learning Journey

At the heart of what we do is your child’s Learning Journey book. From the day they start to the day they leave we keep a record of everything your child does at playgroup. It is a very detailed scrap book full of photos, drawings and written observations – we show you what your child is doing, what they are learning and share with you what we can do to help them make progress. These books are shared with their school and then are yours to keep.