Skills for School

The Playgroup team have put together a really useful document for parents/carers who have children starting school in September.

Skills for school

Playroom News May 1 2013

Playroom news April 2

New member of staff

Just a quick note to introduce you to a new face in the playroom. Sharon Gill has joined us for the last term. As numbers grow we try and keep our staff to child ratios as high as normal so Sharon has joined us on a temporary basis to support our expanding playgroup.

Sharon is a level 3 play worker and works at the before and after school club at Kirk Hammerton school. So the children who use the school breakfast club before coming to playgroup already know her.

She will also be supporting our children during their taster sessions at Kirk Hammerton school so will be a familiar face in the classroom for those children.

She is a good friend to playgroup – as mum to Joseph, who came here, she was a very supportive parent and also a gifted musician who ran some lovely singing sessions for us with her guitar.

Welcome to the team Sharon!

Wine Tasting Evening – Friday 17th May

Wine Tasting Evening Friday 17th May 8.15pm

Join us for an evening tasting wines with Find Wine (, tickets are £10 per person. The purpose of the evening is to raise money for an exciting new outdoor area for Playgroup. Please contact Emma Main for tickets or more information.



Playroom News April 1 2013

Mar/Apr Playgroup job list – Parents, your help is needed!

From time to time we ask parents for their help to do certain jobs at Playgroup, this allows us to spend as much of the money we all work hard to raise for Playgroup on things that will benefit our children directly by enhancing their educational and learning experience  Playgroup jobs to do MarApr 2013

Tiny Talk – FREE 6 week course for 0-2 year olds

Playgroup is very excited to announce that we are running a new baby/toddler activity for children age 0-2yrs.

We have been chosen by Knaresborough Children’s Centre to host TINY TALK which is a baby/toddler singing and signing class.

It will start on Wednesday 17th April and will last for 6 weeks.

It starts at 10am with singing/rhymes/stories and signing for half an hour and then play, coffee, cakes and chat until 11am.

The first half is at playgroup in the community room and then we take a short stroll to the village hall for the second half and join up with the main playgroup baby/toddler group.

It is run by Jo Watson – a trained ‘tiny talker’ and is FREE other than a £1 donation towards the refreshments.

What is signing?

If you have ever watched ‘Mr Tumble’ then you will have seen signing in action. It does not replace talk as it is used WITH speech and really does help small children communicate. We use signing all the time at playgroup and I have seen children’s language come on in leaps and bound once signing has been introduced.

When we give someone directions we always seem to use our hands to show them what we mean or when we sing songs we do actions to go with them – that is signing. On this course we will all learn to use the same sign for the same word

It gives children a visual clue – just like pictures in a story book – to help them understand what you are saying and for them to talk to you. Also it is great fun and all the children at playgroup love our signing sessions.

If you would like to come along then just send me an email [email protected] to book a place – or if you would like to find out a bit more about it you can look at the tiny talk website or give me a call on 01423 331374

Places are limited so please get in touch asap to book a place.

Many thanks


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